Weekly Awards

Presented at Friday Family Assembly


The class with the highest % attendance last week was:

Saturn with 100%

Merit Awards

This week's winners are:

George W - Bronze

Emme G - Bronze

Greta M - Bronze

Ava W - Silver

Harrison G - Silver


Pen Licences

The following children have earned their Pen Licence:

Elle W - Saturn


Gold Award

Pupils who have achieved gold on the traffic light this week:

Oscar B - Mars

Hope W - Mars

Alyssia L - Mars

Hassan K - Jupiter

Amelie B - Earth

Bo M - Neptune

Toby M - Neptune

Emily-Jae S - Neptune

Lucie M - Neptune

Ethan B - Neptune

Declan W - Neptune

Libby C - Neptune

Marcy B - Neptune

Finlay O - Neptune

Amelia A - Mercury

Greta M - Mercury

Harrison G - Mercury

Weekly Badge Winners Below - Well Done


Levi M, Almir S, Declan S, Evie G


On a trip to Bring Yer Wellies.


Jack V, CJ B, Ethan A, Zach P


Isaac N-R, Alfie L, Ava W, Kiyah-Kay K


Marcy B, Ben W, Lucie M, Thomas C


Kaelen C, Sam S, Harry F, Harlea-Mai C


Lexie B, Coby H, Jessica C, Christina P